22 Sep, 2014


About Christiani Consulting

We are convinced that no politicians improve this world matters, but that especially business owners - people who work on their own initiative and are proactive about solving problems for their customers, „make a dent in the universe " (Steve Jobs) and make this world a better place.

Every problem can be addressed through effective business communication, are processed faster and more easily solved - either directly or indirectly: to inspire the right companions for a challenge that is facilitated by effective communication as well as winning the "right" customers.

The focus of modern business communication - clear objectives, accurate analyzes and PowerPoint Bullet-Points - makes our communication boring and robbs the unifying human element.

Journalists have long known that if a "Spiegel " or "Stern" (German magazins) would be full of reports, documents and statistics, hardly anyone would respond:
"Wake me up when the PowerPoints are over " is not by accident a random word in U.S. households.




The narrative format that arouses the most interest since 100.000 years, making complex issues understandable, are easy to remember and are often told, is the story: "Whoever tells the best story, wins."

Our mission is to support our customers with reputable business stories and speech patterns of persuasion to develop attention and persuasion, for their good products.

There are stories that have prevailed for thousands of years. Its structure is the only proven successful tool to win idea-competitions in the long term.

"Those who tell stories, rule the world ", already Plato knew.

If you want to rule your market with good ideas and make the world a better place, you are welcome to join us.